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I have had a little redesign (again). I feel very happy with this- it's mainly the homepage that I originally had an issue with as it seemed quite bare and basic. I wanted something that was effected and straight to the point. Eye catching.

I've been doing an online marketing course and it has helped me figure out what I want and how to execute that for (hopefully) better results. Having received feedback there were a few issues with the pages extending too far. I tried to fix this and decided to choose a page setting with no header and footer. I feel this allowed me to have more creativity with placement rather than sticking between the header and footer lines.

I wanted the homepage to focus on areas that I wanted to guide people towards, which are the photography and videography and then contact. And of course I want people to visit the blog too.

Whilst it can be a bit confusing updating the website when I had only recently done this. My website is just coming to the end of it's first year being active and it's all trial and error. I've learnt how to showcase my work and services and I feel this design is suitable and efficient for what I can do. So expect this design to stick around! I am happy with what I have created. Another aspect with creating a website (specifically on Wix which is the service provider I am using) is optimising the website for mobile usage. This one was particularly difficult. Because on the website, the homepage has links to the pages I am directing you to, then when you reach that page, there is the navigation bar which can take you to any of the following pages.

This didn't transfer over to mobile usage. So I have added a quick action bar which can take you to the rest of the pages.

I'm really enjoying the marketing course I am doing- it's been very beneficial to my freelance work and understanding analytics etc.


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