January Photography Sessions

Here are a selection of photos from the January photography sessions I held. It was a 3 day event open to all, from actors, performers, aerialists and families. Whilst I never exactly had the opportunity to photography families and children- I met a lot of actors and experienced my first aerialist photoshoots.

With the Aerialist photos I found I actually needed a lot more height so the performers looked like they were "flying". Some of the photos do have that feel, but then some don't quite hit that mark.

The editing was a little tricky. Some turned out great and only needed a little tweaking- some required quite a lot more editing. With all of them, I "painted" the background so it was smooth and had little or no shadows.

One challenge I found, with painting the background, was hair- flyaways and gaps in hair placements where the background could be seen; this was tricky to make sure it didn't look painted, but also to make sure I'm not removing too much of the flyaways otherwise it would look unnatural.

As I progressed throughout the shoots each hour and day (and the same applies to the editing) I feel I improved. The edits towards the end were better than the first ones, and now I feel like I need to go back and re-edit.

However, I also notice I am being very picky and over-analysing the photos because I want them to be perfect. I did a very quick turnaround for these (and at a very cheap pricing) but my reasonings haven't changed. I met my goals and everyone seems happy with their photos.

There are one pair of aerialists that I will be re-doing their shoot as the one on the day didn't turn out how any of us wanted or expected. So everything I have picked up from the issues in the photos will be amended during the next shoot.

These sessions were a trial for me. The aim of it was to practice with my new flashgun in preparation for future photography events I have booked. Meet new clients, and earn a little bit of money. I've also found an improvement I could make to my lighting, which I'll blog about another time.

I'll be putting more sessions on in the future- so keep an eye out for those. But if anyone wishes to book some sessions, visit the contacts page and we can have a chat about your requirements.


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