I went to London last week to meet up with some friends. We had a great time. Lots of shopping, laughing and photo snapping. Here are a few of my favourite photos I took both on my camera and on my phone.

Sony A7sii

For these photos I used a Canon 50mm lens. I used Lightroom for these edits- I'm happy with how they turned out. Much easier than editing photos in Photoshop which is what I used to do and was going to do for these. Then I decided to make life easier for myself. (Picture 2 is actually a photo I took on my phone- in this collection I edited it on my computer. See below for the phone edit.) In picture 8, I added a slight grain to the quality of the picture as the focus was further back on Ainsley's face so I feel it added some texture to the foreground of the photo. In Picture 10, the swans flying over head. I actually really like this shot even though one of the bird's head is out of frame. The colour and contrast and their positioning- to me- just really pops and draws my attention. (Click the arrows to scroll through.)

I also took some photos using my iPhone 6S Plus. Sometimes photos on your phone can be just as good as a camera. Especially with the editing tools and apps you can get.


For these edits I used Photoshop Fix on my phone. It is a really simple app to use and I like the details you can easily use for defocus and colour. (Click the arrows to scroll through.)

I feel like my phone does a pretty good job with quick snaps on the go but it's nothing in comparison to using a camera in my opinion. However, my friend (featured above) used his iPhone Xs and the quality of photos from that was amazing. I really like the depth of field in this photo. No filter or edits apart from setting the depth of field prior to the shot (and a smile from yours truly).

Over and Out! -RMH

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