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I'm starting a blog! Or should I say "We". Whilst I am currently one person behind this company - my goal is to collaborate and work with other people as a freelancer and to then grow RMH Media Production to have a team of people. As I grow this company and collaborate with other artists and creatives- I hope they will also contribute to this blog too! I've had many different blogs over the years, about all different types of subjects:- acting (from my early years of when I starting acting), mental health, a general ranting blog and now filmmaking. I love writing. I love studying. I love cameras and lighting and filmmaking and editing and the environment. That is who I am. I am a massive geek who is always ready to learn. And this is what my blog is going to be about.

I want to share with you all my journey in this industry. I am still fairly new even though I have had a few paid jobs with different companies. But I need to step up my game and make sure I keep my skills up to date. I will be sharing with you test photos and filming, what kit I have, photography and filming breakdowns of my work, some fun seasonal content and most importantly - my eco friendly practices and how you can use these in your work as well. #greenfilmmaking #ecofriendly #sustainability

Keep an eye out every week for a new blog entry. I'll be sharing these blogs on my social media channels- give them a like and share.


Happy reading!


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