What is Eco Friendly Filmmaking?

This blog is all about sustainability, being eco, being green, looking after the Earth, and climate change. These words may trigger some uneasy feelings- but please continue reading and hopefully you will find something of interest to take with you to your production.

I first got in to Eco Friendly Filmmaking/ Green Filmmaking during my final year at University. For my Final Year Project (FYP) I focused on lighting and other aspects of the industry titled: A Hot Mess: An Investigation into the Efficiency, Economical and Ecological Effects of Cinematography. I'm so proud of the work I put into this and I ticked off a dream/ goal... I always wanted to write a dissertation. It all started with an article and petition I am following about theatre lights ( and the EU regulations changing which would put a lot of theatres at jeopardy. And then I thought "Well, we use similar, if not the same, lights in our TV studio... so this applies to us and the industry as well." So I did my research, I directed a short film while keeping in mind the green filmmaking methods I have been researching, and I was able to make changes at the University. They even wrote an article-

GradEx 2019

Sustainability and being eco are very simple tasks to achieve. It takes a little practice and can seem difficult at first, but it's about training the brain to think about the world in a different way. This is how we have been bought up and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. We all would prefer to keep things easy with grab and go items and fast food. Stuff that doesn't require us to remember our bags or water bottles or requires too much thinking in general. Those rose-tinted glasses about the earth and climate change being "fake" or that it is "way in to the future that any of this will happen" are in use every day by a lot of people in society.

I think there are a lot of filmmakers, actors, influencers etc that are very conscious in their every day life about sustainability. And it is our industry which is a part of everybody's life. Radio, TV, films, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, adverts and billboards, games. The creative arts have the biggest and most influential voice for being green. But we need to practice what we preach.

Things to take into consideration are as follows:

1. Switching to digital

2. No single use plastics

3. Reusable coffee cups, mugs, bottles.

4. Changing to LED lights on set

5. Make sure the energy supply to the set and production offices is green. (Wind power, Solar power, renewable energy)

Even though there are a lot more changes we can make, which I will discuss further in another blog (and also because I'm uploading tips on my social media every week), I will finish these considerations off with the most controversial tip.

Choose Vegan.

That's right, I said the V word.

Even supporting a vegetarian diet would suffice. Just as long as there are plant based diets available or encouraged on set so there is a massive meat reduction by cast and crew. It's healthier for everyone and better for the planet. And that is all I will discuss about that. Should anyone like to discuss or research it further please visit: for information and guides to help you go vegan.

We have to do our parts. Both individually and as part of a team. And as the Creative Arts industry is so vast and worldwide we can really make a difference.

I am going to an Albert training session in a few weeks so I'll have much more to talk about then. Have a look at their website and see if there is anything there that can help your production today.

Thanks for reading.


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